Tara Dowd & Mike Hewitt

Tara Dowd & Mike Hewitt


I’m a Senior Avid Video Editor who has worked for Scripps Networks since 2000.  In addition to working on promos and shows for Food Network and Cooking Channel,  I have also worked on short films, commercials for cable and public television, and promo reels for schools and retail businesses.


Most of the pictures I make are what's going on around me at the time.  I just try to slow down and see it.  They usually capture a moment that doesn’t exist any more.  It's just life.  I’m self taught, and every day I’m trying to learn more.


dowdhewitt is a collaboration between husband and wife Tara Dowd and Mike Hewitt.  Tara and Mike live in the Bronx, work in Manhattan and don’t spend nearly enough time in Vermont.  If you have any further questions about us or what we do, feel free to contact us.  We hope you enjoy our work